Choosing the Best Home Security System

As human livelihood becomes more and more integrated with technology, it’s no surprise that electronic security systems are now perceived as an essential part of this modern integration with the latest suite of hardware appealing to our tech-savvy generation with tablet-like touch screen keypads and smartphone remote control apps.

Whilst elaborate access control systems and high definition camera systems are beyond the budget and necessity of many home owners, alarm systems are now in high demand and installed as a standard in many new homes, or quickly sought out afterwards. Nowadays, very few wait till they are burgled or have specific security concerns before seeking out a home alarm system.

No doubt, with this new resurgence of interest in electronic security systems amongst average home owners, there is a lot of confusion as to which is the best home alarm system, and although there is a clear market leader, the buying decision isn’t as straight forward as Samsung Galaxy Edge or Apple iPhone 6.

Unlike smartphones, that operate on simple, user-friendly apps, home security systems have many technical features that need to be programmed by an experienced technician in order to operate effectively.

Whilst I recommend you contact a reputable authority to consult on the subject of security systems (e.g.,, fortunately most systems share similar features and technical specs across brands, so the buying decision can be made based upon brand reputation, and any features of a particular system that stand out to you (e.g., keypad or motion sensor design).

Some popular brands in the market are: Bosch, Ness, Honeywell, and Networx (NX).

Bosch’s Solution 880 Ultima alarm panel is perhaps the most popular home and small business alarm panel to date, with around a decade of proven reliability and effective intrusion detection. It makes way for the new range of Solution 2000, 3000 and 6000 panels.¬†You can learn more about the Bosch alarm panel range at the link below:

Unfortunately their new touch screen keypads are unavailable at this point in time, and supply has been shaky since their release 12 months ago.

Ness are also a popular brand, based in Sydney Australia. Their D8X panels with neat, compact Navigator touch screen keypads are very popular, and a highly-recommended alternative to Bosch systems.

Additionally, you may also want to check out a Honeywell intrusion system with the new Tuxedo Touch Pad, or a modern upgrade on the classic Networx (NX) system.

You can’t go wrong with any of these brands and it shouldn’t take long for you to decide which system will look nice in your home, whilst soundly protecting your valuables and loved ones.

As for technical advice, unless you don’t mind spending the extra money, try to limit yourself to three motion sensors, as most alarm system kits are based around that number, so the three initial sensors will be heavily discounted (especially true if you have a two-storey house and require wireless sensors).

Have the sensors positioned in the common areas (e.g., lounge, kitchen, hallway) as these areas will always be accessed by an intruder; placing a sensor in every room is overkill and won’t really improve your home’s security.

If you would like to discuss this further, feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.